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Summer Bouquets


Are you planning a summer wedding? and need floral inspiration for bridal/bridesmaids bouquets? Today’s post will include a selection of colourful summer bouquets to help you choose the perfect bouquet for you and your bridal party.

Florists usually arrange bridal bouquets after the centerpieces. Important points to consider:

  • Try to incorporate your colour theme into your bouquet
  • Choose flowers in season, to avoid extra costs.
  • Splash out with some colour. Colourful flowers are beautiful, specially in bouquets.
  • Maintain your flowers, the higher the temperature, the more upkeep your flowers will require. Try to arrange for the delivery to be on the day of the wedding, and make sure you store them in a cool place before the ceremony begins. Also, be mindful of your flowers during photography sessions. When your photographer isn’t snapping away, have a friend or bridesmaid hold your bouquet in the shade, or place it in a vase of cool water. If your blooms will be exposed to the summer heat for an extended amount of time, keep a spray water bottle on hand and give your flowers a light misting every hour or so.

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