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Ideas for a Sweetheart Table

Once you have secured a venue, and received all your RSVP’s it will be time to finalise your seating chart – Oh happy days. This particular wedding planning activity is one of the least favourite for couples, specially if family members tend to get involved. To avoid having to choose between family members that can sit on  your head table, and others that can’t, we have the perfect solution; skip the head table all in all. Opt for something more romantic like a sweetheart table, as much as you love your friends and family, you’ll be talking to them all throughout the day, so some alone time with your new spouse is very appealing. Draw attention to your sweetheart table with these creative decor ideas, that blend nicely with nearly every wedding theme. 

Love Seating (Sofa’s) 


Love sofa’s are this seasons most popular wedding trend. Swap your standard chairs for something totally unexpected, a love sofa! Not only does it allow you and your spouse to snuggle, but it’s design can be very chic.

Add Sparkle 

Splurge on your table linen to add that extra wow factor, we love gold sequence table clothes. It doesn’t have to match the rest of your reception decor, your table is meant to stand out. Alternatively opt for a glass mirrored table set the mood with candles, and scattered gem stones.  

Go wild with the Florals 

Sweetheart tables are relatively small, therefore we recommend you stick to small centrepieces rather than tall and over towering ones. It will keep the flow of the room more open and make the table more approachable. Go all out by asking you florist to create a floral arrangement running down your table, better yet scatter petals around you for a whole new meaning of romance. 

Personal Touches 

Get creative! Add a personal touch to your head table with customised monogram’s, you can settle for the usual Mr & Mrs or spice things up with your initials. 

Back drops 

Go big or go home as they say, set up and all-eyes-on-you backdrop that will have your guests swooning long after the wedding is over. If your feeling generous go for a Kim Kardashian wall of flowers, this can also be made using paper flowers which is a lot less heavy on the budget. Alternatively fairy lights, arches or even a personalised monogram backdrop will still add the wow factor to your day. 

Utilise your Surroundings 

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, then use elements of your surroundings to decorate your sweetheart table. For starters it sure helps the budget! A sweetheart table placed under a pergola or gazeebo is beyond charming and truly makes your meal feel like a mini getaway.

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