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The Groom & His Men



Hello Readers,

You may have noticed that my blog posts lately have been more bridal related, but I have not forgotten the groom. Today I will share ideas with you gentleman on how to choose your Groomsmen.

Unlike us ladies, men are more laid back when it comes to weddings, I guess that’s just in their nature, and lets face it all they have to do is shower and show up, however we have a list of duties to do from the instant they place a ring on our finger. So gentlemen if you’re reading this, try to comfort your future bride she has a lot on her mind.

The Groomsmen consist of a Best man, and Ushers. There is no limit to the number of ushers you can have, however it is best to keep them at an even number. The best man holds most responsibility in the group, as does the Maid of Honour. He would be in charge of getting the groom organised for the wedding, arranging suits for the ushers (with coordination to the wedding theme & bridesmaid’s dresses), organising the Bachelor party, and of course keeping the rings safe for the wedding. The best man is usually someone who is very important to the groom, and whom he wants to be a visible part of the wedding. He may be a close friend, brother, cousin or father. These days, he may even be a she; more men are asking female friends to be part of their attendants. However they would then be called honor attendants, rather than groomsmen, and can wear a dress rather than a suit. Men tend to get nervous before weddings, therefore its important to choose your best man carefully, as he would be supporting the groom and reassuring him.

Ushers are the male version of bridesmaids to the groom, they don’t have a long list of tasks to do like the best man would, but they should be available for assistance when needed, for example in organising the Bachelor party. They also have several tasks on the day, depending on the type of wedding the bride and groom are having.

Men tend to ask their friends to be groomsmen face to face, however for those of you who would like to put more thought into it, here are some inspirational ideas you can use:


You can find most of these designs on Etsy, or if your feeling creative try a little DIY, it would add a personal touch. More idea’s and tips for the groom & his men can be found under our Inspirational categories tab, which I would be updating regularly. So make sure you check it out. I hope you have enjoyed this post, it certainly wont be the last one featuring the groom. I have a lot more to share with you so please stay tuned.












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