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The Ultimate Guide to a Winter Wedding

Weddings are non-stop all year round, although the summer months seem to be more popular, that being said more couples are choosing to wed during the winter best known in wedding terms as  ‘off-season’. I personally don’t know why winter weddings are not as popular as the other seasons, there is nothing quiet like the romantic ambience of a snowy landscape. Not to mention the discounts you will gain with vendors considering the winter months as an ‘off- season’ wedding. This ultimate winter wedding guide will help you pull of an effortlessly perfect winter wedding, highlighting the Do’s and Don’ts all couples should consider when planning a winter wedding. 

Colour is key

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Just because its dull outside doesn’t mean you have to make your wedding dull too, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. This season may have its own colour palette but that doesn’t mean you are bound to follow it, ditch the holiday season greens and reds for something more unusual. Bold and bright colours can uplift the venue, such as yellows and oranges. It may not sound ideal but trust us, it will create a fun unexpected setting for your guests. 

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Create a cozy and welcoming ambiance 

Winter weddings rely mostly on decor, there are so many ways you can create wonderful spaces from minimal items this winter, for example candles; they are the most romantic aspect of winter weddings, use them to light up the area but be sure to replace the ones that burn out during the party. Create a cozy atmosphere by using soft textures such as velvet for napkin rings, and throws in the lounge area. 

That being said try not to overheat your venue, we all know its cold outside but things may get heated up on the dance floor, and you want your guests to feel comfortable so they can stay longer. Consider using coolers around the dance floor area especially when it starts to fill up with happy dancing feet. 

Style is everything 

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Just because its cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish, you and your bridal team are the life and main focus of the party, make sure people notice that. For starters lets put one winter wedding myth to rest, you do not have to have a certain material of fabric dress in the winter, there is no such rule if chiffon is your favourite then go for it! same rule applies to necklines; just because its a few degrees colder than usual doesn’t mean you can’t have that sweetheart neckline you have been dreaming about. The main rule is for you and your bridal team to be comfortable in your dresses, after all you will be wearing them all night. 

If you choose lighter materials be sure to add in a few accessories to keep your bridal team warm as they enter and exit the venue, we love the fur cover ups not only are they gorgeous in wedding photos but they come in handy after the wedding is over. 

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Be thoughtful

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As most of us would prefer to curl up next to a fire-place during the winter months, your guests have made an effort to be there for you, show them you care with thoughtful favours. As the holiday season is around the corner you can consider some festive inspired favours such as ornaments with each guest’s name on them, go the extra mile and include seasonal beverages such as mulled wine, and hot chocolate (don’t forget the shortbread). If you plan on taking photos outside with your guests your going to need umbrellas, they don’t have to be fancy simple black ones often do the job. 

When planning your wedding day schedule allow extra time (about an hour) incase some guests are running late due to weather conditions. We would also recommend having just one venue, if thats not possible try to choose venues that are closer to one another. This would avoid extra transportation and the risk of guests running late due to bad weather conditions or congestion. 

Keeping your guests warm is a priority, therefore move the guest book, photo booths and anything else that requires a line up to the main hall, rather than having them near the entrance. Invest extra into wedding upgrades, such as a coat check; make sure the venue has someone there to take guests coats, the last thing you want on your wedding day is photos of piled up coats ruining your decor. 

Vendors & Suppliers 

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Although you might like the idea of being a DIY bride, we would highly recommend you leave all the stressful aspects of planning a wedding to the wedding planners. As I mentioned earlier hosting a winter wedding is slightly more hectic than any other season, main reason being is you will rely heavily on decoration to create the perfect ambiance. Most indoor venues are rather dull and plain you will need to bring all the sparkle. Hire a wedding tasker if a wedding planner is slightly over your budget, just to be sure everything is set in place on the day, and he/she can communicate with suppliers incase anything should go wrong last-minute. 

In terms of photography, I would suggest to meet your photographer at the venue, so they know what kind of equipment you’ll need i.e. lighting etc. 














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