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To-Dos After the Honeymoon

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Congratulations! the wedding planning is all over! you had a fantastic day, and an even better honeymoon .You are back now, and still in Wedding mode, that’s totally understandable (Enjoy it). Don’t switch off just yet, there are some post-wedding tasks that no body tells you about. Don’t panic we have got your back! below are our most common post-wedding to do lists, that will help you finally enjoy being married checklist free!

Your Wedding Dress:
Prior to your wedding day, we tend to take almost care of our wedding dresses, making sure they are clean and perfect. Even though you have already worn the dress, and for most of us we won’t be wearing it again, you still need to maintain its condition. Make sure you have it professionally cleaned, It’s important to use a service that specialise in wedding dresses, if you are unsure call the boutique you purchased the gown from, they might be able to recommend someone. We recommend you get your dress cleaned 6 months after the wedding, the sooner the better. Once it is back home, remove all metal pins or buckles, and store it away safely, preferably in a cool place, but try to avoid areas of dampness. 

Time for a change:
If you have decided to change your surname, than now is the time to contact your local authorities and apply to update your ID’s, Passports, etc. It best to do this within 90 days of getting married. If your marriage involved a move, it’s perfectly fine to send a mass email or an e-card with your new address.

Wedding Photography: 
Depending on the agreement you had with your photographer, if the photos are ready for selection then don’t put them off any longer. I am sure you, and your guests are eager to reminisce on your special day. This is also a good time to hunt for wedding albums, so that you can keep your prints in good condition when they are ready to be collected. 

Say Thank you:
You probably received some super amazing registry gifts that you are overly excited about. Don’t forget to thank your guests and friends! Give yourself a head start by writing notes as gifts arrive. Shop around for the perfect thank you card, you can also customise them with your photo. Remember to that both you and your spouse should sign the card. 

Registry Returns:
Stop trying to convince your self that having two coffee makers may come in handy. List the items you wish to return early, so that you can have them sent back just in time. Remember that each store has a different return policy, so research who will accept what, and for how long.

Share your experience:
While everything is still fresh in your head, take the time to review your wedding vendors. We’re talking everyone from your florist, planner, photographer and venue. Future brides out there are depending on your views, so take the time to offer newly engaged couples insight.

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