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Tropical Wedding Theme

There is just something about summer wedding themes that excite me, from the flowers to vibrant colours, absolutely anything is possible. Whether you are hosting a wedding on the beach, in a garden, or even on a tropical island, check out these ideas and you’ll be feeling like you’re in paradise in no time.

Colour Palette

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, embrace the yellows, pinks, and oranges.


Stick to your theme when it comes to invitation cards, to ensure your guests come prepared and in the tropical feel.

Get creative with placement cards, use mini cocktail umbrellas, tree leafs, or even fruit to guide your guests to their seats. 


Get creative with fruits, pineapples are in and bigger than ever this summer, combined with vibrant tropical blooms, you may just have the best centrepiece idea ever! 

Venue Styling 

For a true tropical wedding feel, you will need to host your event outdoors, surround your self with natural greens to help save the budget, as you won’t need to over decorate your venue. 

Mix and match chairs, or even add sofas, swings and lounges to create a more relaxed environment. 

Rather than a dessert stand, opt for a tropical fruit table, where guests can pick and choose the favourites. Ditch the bar for a “Make your own Cocktail” stand, to keep your guests entertained. 


You will need your bouquet to stand out from the crowd, think big, bold, and beautiful. Dare to be different? and walk down the aisle with a coloured pineapple?

Bridesmaid Dresses

Mix and match dresses are the perfect fit for tropical weddings, either the same dress style and different colours, or choose a floral print and have their dresses customised into different styles.


From fresh blooms, to tropical fruit, discuss options with your baker to create a tropical masterpiece that will taste just as amazing as it looks. A Pineapple or coconut sponge will contribute to your overall tropical theme. 


Send your guests away with something to remember your tropical paradise. We love the idea of floral Lei necklaces. 



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