Unconventional Wedding Favour Ideas

Guest Blog Post:  Unconventional Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding organization can be a real nerve buster, but that’s not an excuse to pay little attention to guest favors or – God forbid – overlook them altogether. Handpicked tokens of appreciation speak straight to the heart of each and every guest and help them remember your W day as the best marriage ceremony in decades. Short on wedding favor inspiration? Here, grab a few cool ideas and earn the title of the most attentive newlywed couple ever.

Suave Set of Coasters

Coasters are like mugs: you can never have too many of them. Customized coasters make a chic favor that won’t set you back a lot but will have emotional and practical value for the guest. You can print out tile coasters with a handpicked emblem or message such as a wedding logo or your and your spouse’s initials – but if you want to go the extra mile like a genuine hospitable party host, you can make DIY coasters yourself with the help of inexpensive craft materials.

Messages in a Bottle

A token of appreciation that will earn a spot in the heart of the pickiest of favor hunters, candies packed in tiny bottles or boxes together with messages handwritten on colorful paper wrapped in red ribbon will make a superb impression on your guests. For a neat bonus, you can address each guest by their name and include a unique personal note. To stay on the safe side of the favor bottle though, start writing messages well ahead of the wedding day, especially if you’ve invited lots of people.

Sweetest Appreciation

Can you resist the mouth-watering scent of dark chocolate? Odds are your guests can’t either. A delicious symbol of affection to indulge your guests’ sweet tooth, Belgian wedding chocolates with special toppings will make a perfect finishing touch for your big day. Now that’s a tasty way to express your gratitude for your guests’ attendance – and make sure nobody passes the favor! (Yes, you can have leftover chocolates if you can’t help yourself.)

A Teacup of Freshness

Is there a better way to honor your wedding day than to spread the love for life with everyone around you? Succulents in teacups will make an original wedding favor all guests will love – and probably look after with due care, too, because in a way, the tiny plant represents your marital happiness. Bonus point: with the help of the tiny plant, you and your spouse will become a part of everyday life of distant relatives and friends you don’t get to hear from on regular basis.

A Tune to Remember

If you want the joyful sounds of your wedding to stay with your guests for years to come, it may be a smart move to make a mix CD with the tunes from your wedding reception playlist and use it as a party favor. That way, the beginning of your journey across marital waters will always be a simple click away – and your friends and family will get to honor the love your spouse and you cherish for each other every time they flip the disc into the player or PC.

Green Wedding Favor

Reusable water bottles are getting more popular by the day, and they’ll make a smart and green favor that’ll do right by both your guests and the environment. A custom-printed stainless steel water bottle will make a memorable and eco-friendly reminder of your wedding day which your guests will be able to use in many months to come. Yet another green idea is to give a small donation to a green charity in the names of all the guests and give them a voucher that says – Thank You For Your Donation. Now, that’s a pretty green way to plant the seeds of a happy marriage!

Ready to welcome the guests with an armful of cool wedding favors? Long live the newlyweds!

This guest blog post was written by the Roxana Olivia – Click here to see Roxana’s previous article. 

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