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Unexpected Reception Disasters: Rain

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Sometimes when planning a wedding, you have to take into consideration that there are those unfortunate times where you face some bumps in the road, the difficult-to-anticipate kind of bumps, that however small they are, the impact on the brides mood is great. Today’s post will include the most common wedding reception disaster, RAIN—but you don’t have to worry, because we’re giving you the heads up.

A Rainy Day 

Yikes! I think this has got to be one of my worse fears for my wedding day. If you have chosen an Autumn/Winter wedding than rain would be expected, and most probably you would have a back up plan in place. However for many (particularly in the UK) it could rain even in the Summer.

Arrival to the venue & Photography: 

Even if you have planned an indoor wedding, you still have to get to the location, and you may have also planned photo’s outside in front of your favourite spots, how will you do that without messing up your hair/makeup/or dress?

Embrace the rain! You can’t wait time dwelling on mother nature for her temporary rain storm, in some cultures rain is considered good luck. Send a relative or  bridesmaid to buy a dozen of umbrellas for you and your bridal party. (You can even match the umbrellas to your colour theme, now that would be a bonus) To insure your hair stays intact, ask your hairstylist to accompany you to the location for a last-minute touch up. If you are still opting for the outdoor wedding photos, then grab a pair of cute rain boots, and matching umbrellas for a romantic photo shoot. 

The good outdoors:
You are hosting an outdoor wedding, and it starts to rain? If the venue have not got a back up plan already in place, surely you as a bride or wedding planner would start to panic. No body wants whittled flowers, and wet seats. 

It’s always good to check the weather forecast a week before the wedding, if there is a possibility of rain, have your wedding planner call a local marquee supplier, to have a tent set up as a backup plan. Don’t let the giant white tent ruin your evening, you can always decorate it with mood lighting, and when it stops raining, you can open one side of the marquee. Another suggestion would be, to request the venue to relocate your party to an indoor ball room. Below are some creative ways in which you can decorate your marquee. 

Traffic disruptions:

The rain may cause some chaotic traffic conditions, which may delay guests, suppliers, or even the bride from arriving the venue on time.

Usually suppliers arrive hours before to set up the venue, a week before the wedding, if the forecast predicts rain, give them a call and ask for them to come an hour earlier. Giving them the heads up is always a good plan. 

If guests are late, and it is time for you as a bride to enter the ceremony/reception. Have a member of staff or friend stand by the entrance to stop the late guests from walking in the same time as you, and ruining your grand entrance. No body wants a late comer walking passed the bride. 
If the bride is running late, have a plan B to keep the guests entertained, a musician or arrange for a close friend to keep the guests entertained by giving a pre-wedding speech. A great idea would be to include a slide show of the couple, photos from young childhood making its way to their first date etc. 

Below are some inspirational images to show you that a little rain, shouldn’t stop your special day. 


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