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Valentine’s Day Wedding Style

Valentine’s day has been celebrated for decades dating right back to 496 A.D, although most of us associate Valentine’s day with chocolates, roses, and romantic declarations, others are busy making bigger plans for this day that they can cherish forever. Although most suppliers would advise couples to avoid getting married on the actual day of Valentine’s (14th Feb), because the cost of flowers may be slightly more expensive than any other day. However that does not stop you hosting a ‘Valentine’s Day’ themed wedding in the month of February. I have put together a mood board with a few tips on how to pull off the ultimate Valentine’s day themed wedding without being too cliché. 

Arrows →

In association with cupid, you can easily incorporate arrows into your wedding day theme to symbolise Valentine’s day and Cupid without being too cliché. Here are a few examples: 





Hearts ♥

The most iconic symbol of love and Valentine’s day, here are a few subtle ways to include hearts in your wedding day theme:



You won’t find any difficulty finding heart symbols on your wedding stationary, they are available in many ranges whatever the season.  

Wedding Favours:

In any shape, size, or form you can create the cutest heart-shaped favours that your guests will love. 

Colour Scheme

When hosting a Valentine’s themed wedding you are expected to incorporate the colour red into your decor, bridesmaids dresses etc. Although this is not necessary you can also include the shades of pinks, and maroons.



If red is slightly too striking consider shades of pink, or orange-red tones.

Extra Styling Ideas

Further inspiration to help you add the finishing touches to your overall decor.






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