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Wedding Cakes with Fresh Blooms

Your wedding cake is the highlight of the evening, your guests patiently await a glimpse of this masterpiece, before they are able to indulge. Most brides don’t realise that their wedding cake plays an important factor in the day, for starters it symbolises either the beginning or end of dinner (depending on your program), and it may also be a signal to the guests whom wish to leave early, that it is ok to do so. Cake designs are so naturally beautiful and diverse, it makes the choosing process a lot more difficult. If you are planning to use fresh blooms on your wedding cake, we have gathered our favourite designs to help inspire your decision.

Choosing a design

After you finish browsing on Pinterest, save your favourite images to a folder, and Introduce your florist to your baker, brainstorm ideas while they are both present, oftentimes they can team up to construct the design together. In actual fact you are saving money by opting for fresh flowers on your wedding cake, as they are less expensive than sugar flowers. 

Floral Topper

Skip the usual bride and groom figures for large fresh blooms, they sit beautifully on top of a tier cake. In this case go big or go home, especially if you’re having a single tier, you really want to emphasis on your blooms to add height. 

Statement Piece 

Create a statement piece from your bouquet onto your wedding cake. 

In Between Tiers

Decorate the layers in between your tiers with fresh blooms, this would add height, detail, and colour to your wedding cake. Tip: Choosing larger blooms would mean you need less flowers (Big savings).

Centre Stage 

Let your cake steal the show with a fresh floral base, an assortment of large and smaller blooms can decorate your dessert table beautifully.

Simple Details 

There is always beauty in simplicity, especially when it comes to a naked cake, a single fully bloomed floral can be all the detail you need to make your cake stand out. 

Floral Trail 

Create an optical illusion with a cascading floral arrangement. Mixing different sizes, colours, and textures will guide your guests eye from one tier to the other. 

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