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Wedding Dress Disaster – Part 2


Hello readers,

If you read my last post Wedding Dress Disaster part 1, you will know that unfortunately I had a bad experience with my wedding dress. In today’s post I will continue my personal story with you, including my back up plan, and the steps I took to resolve this matter in the short time span I had left.

Days away from the holiday season closures, I was panicking, and emotionally stressed. I remain eternally grateful for all the support I received from my family, and loved ones, I don’t think I could have managed without them. In my head all I could think about was that I am getting married in 1 months time with no dress. That alone was a wake up call for me. I needed a back up plan, and I needed one quickly. It goes without saying that with the time I had left, I couldn’t be picky in terms of styles, I was up for trying any gown available, in hope to find the next perfect dress.

My plan of action was to contact the bridal salons I had visited previously, hoping that they can help resolve my problem. One particular bridal boutique(White Mischief) were truly helpful, by booking me a last-minute appointment, the very next day. The staff are so friendly, and understanding I felt relaxed and calm in their presence. The sales assistant Sandra selected several bridal gowns for me to try on, in all different styles and designs. Which I was rather pleased about, because I was not limited to one style. The boutique stocks a wide selection of designer gowns from Jenny Peckham, to Augusta Jones, and many more. Luckily I found 3 potential wedding dresses, Sandra was kind enough to contact the suppliers immediately to find out whether I could have the dress in time for my wedding. However I was still very confused, for many reasons, one of them being that the 3 dresses I liked, were very different from one another, in terms of colour, and style. I was certain on one thing for sure, I loved them more than the original dress I chose in Pronovias. However not knowing what dress I wanted did not stop me admiring the amazing bridal accessories White Mischief have, I purchased a beautiful Jenny Peckham head-piece for my special day (that you will see on my wedding day post).

It was one day before Christmas eve, and I just couldn’t decide which dress I preferred more, the best thing for me to do at this stage was to wait till after christmas. I did not want to rush into anything I was not sure about, even though it could be my only option at this point, I went with my gut feeling that told me to wait. Either way I wouldn’t have been able to order anything till after the holidays, as most businesses were closed. Note to all the future brides out there, you cannot accomplish any wedding planning during the Christmas holidays.

I would highly recommend White Mischief to any future bride, the staff are absolutely wonderful, and they genuinely want to help. Every now and then I receive an email from a member of staff checking up on my wedding planning, which I truly appreciate. The experience it self is memorable, I recall my first visit to White Mischief, the staff let me wonder around freely choosing the gowns I preferred with no limit or restrictions, I say this because some boutiques only let a bride select a few dresses, but with White Mischief I felt right at home. 

It was Christmas, and time stood still in the UK. My wedding disaster was not over, if anything it just began! stay tuned for my third and final blog post of my wedding dress disaster trilogy. 


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