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Before the wedding dress

Hello readers,

A little wedding day advice here, ever wondered what you should do before putting your wedding dress on? Yes ladies there is a mini checklist of things you need to consider, a list I like to call “Step away from the white dress”.

Before the Wedding Dress


Give the idea of missing breakfast a pass, even though you might be too excited to eat, we recommend having a healthy breakfast up to an hour before putting your wedding dress on.

Little Ladies room

It’s difficult enough to get into a wedding dress, let alone coming out for a bathroom break.

Set your makeup

We all know how annoying foundation marks are against a white dress, make sure your makeup is completely dry, and set before wearing your dress. A setting spray will help keep prone-to-slipping make-up in place, it also helps against humidity and heat.

Get help 

A helping hand is always appreciated when putting on your wedding dress, you can have a close family member or bridesmaids to help get you in gear.


Choose your lingerie a night before, and have them ready for when you decide to wear your dress, it’s always best to have an extra pair just incase. We advise against bright colourful undies, choose neutral colours like white, and nude.


Apply body moisturisers before putting on your wedding dress, don’t forget to moisturise your elbows and knees. 

Deodorant & Perfumes 

To avoid deodorant marks, we advise to spray your deodorant at least 10 minutes before you wear your dress, same rules apply to bridesmaids. As for perfume, spray it on your body rather than on your dress, and keep away from any jewellery. 

Location is key 

Brides need their space, depending on the type of wedding dress you have, think of your surroundings move tables and chairs away. Make sure there are no dark liquids like coffee, or tea nearby, instead trade them in for clear liquids (Water, or Vodka…)


Take it easy, and relax, deep breaths will help calm any nerves you maybe feeling, it will also help you squeeze into a super-tight fitted gown.


Start taking your pre-wedding photos, your photographer will be able to advise on how to pose for the best shots, these would make a lovely wedding trailer.

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