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Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Planning a wedding is possibly one of the most important aspects of a bride’s life; after all it is a big deal! These days there are so much expectations and the bar has been set high due to the influence of social media and the increase of lavish weddings. That being said every couple have different preferences whether you choose to host an intimate wedding or a full-blown princess affair it is entirely up to you. Naturally just like any other bride you will want your wedding to be perfect. Unfortunately, a great deal of weddings do not go off without at least one little hitch (not including the actual act of getting hitched) and many experience lots of mini hiccups along the way, that you would rather avoid. The good news is we have your back! below are the most common wedding planning mistakes couples have made in the past. 

1. Don’t choose your venue before finalising the Guest list

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One of the most common mistakes most couples do is choose their wedding venue before finalising their guest list. This is a big no-no for one very simple reason – if you don’t know exactly how many people are going to be attending your wedding, there is no way of knowing whether the venue of your choice will be large enough to accommodate all of your friends and family. That’s why it’s smart to really nail down your guest list before you even think about scouting out venues.

2. Allowing Politics to Determine Your Wedding Party

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So many brides and grooms are guilted into immediately choosing their bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls etc., due to family and friend politics and a burning desire by certain parties for things to go their way. This is certainly something you should try to avoid because it is your wedding and you want it to be right for you. Not only that, but you need to be confident that the people you choose are capable of performing the duties you ask of them. By taking it slow, you are much more likely to make the right decisions.

3. Being to lenient with your ‘Plus One’ policy

Plus ones tend to be a touchy subject when it comes to inviting guests, remember that wedding costs are calculates per-head, and its ok to say no! the key is to be consistent and not to make any exceptions. Make your policy clear to guests on your invitation cards to avoid confusion and surprises on your wedding day.

4. Sending out your invitations late 

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It might be taking your longer than you thought possible to choose between all of those beautiful modern wedding invitations. But getting them out on time is much more important than ensuring you’ve picked the perfect design. This should be obvious because, if your guests don’t get their invitations on time, they may not be able to attend. Don’t make the same mistake! On the subject of invitations, you should also ensure that you pay for adequate postage or there could be a few friends and family feeling very upset when they don’t get their invite!

5. Not Checking the Vendor Contracts

No matter how nice the caterer is or how much the venue owner seemed to want to help you, it is important that you always read any contracts your wedding vendors offer up from cover to cover before signing. If you don’t do this, there is a very good chance that you will be hit with extra charges that you weren’t expecting.

6. Inviting People to the Shower but Not the Wedding

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It should be pretty obvious, but if you’re having a bridal shower and you invite people to that who you have not invited to the wedding, it could come across as pretty rude and it kind of is. I mean, bridal shower guests tend to be expected to bring gifts and asking someone to bring you a gift when they aren’t even invited to the main event is kind of mean. Of course, if someone asks to come knowing that they won’t be at the wedding, there’s no reason to turn them down.

7. Not Getting Insurance

It’s surprising how many people don’t know that wedding insurance is a thing and it’s even more surprising that so many people who are aware of its existence don’t bother to take out a policy. The average cost of a UK wedding is now over £33,000 – imagine if your wedding had to be cancelled for whatever reason. Can you really afford to lose what represents a significant deposit on a house or a really good car? Probably not. So, even though the worst is unlikely to happen, get insured, just in case!

8. Trying to Compete

Trying to compete with every other brides on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram will only lead to envy, stress and a lesser appreciation of your big day than you should really have. Remember your wedding should represent you and your partner, rather than try to compete with others, look at it from a different prospective like setting a new trend by doing things differently – that is the best way to truly enjoy your wedding day.

9. Not Budgeting Enough for Beverages 

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It’ so easy to underestimate just how much your guests will drink and end up with an evening that winds down earlier than you would like because things have gone dry. So, however much you think the drinks will cost, add 50 percent. Speak to your vendor and try to negotiate a deal, for example you can set a tab and once you have reached that amount have a member of staff inform you, then it would be your choice to increase or stop. You may also be able to negotiate a free welcome cocktail upon arrival of your guests, this is a good way to keep the drinks flowing while keeping the costs down.

If you can avoid making these mistakes, then you are much less likely to be dealing with any stressful dilemmas come your wedding day, but even if something does go wrong, don’t let it bring you down, deal with it gracefully because all that really matters is the fact you’re marrying the one you love.








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