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Weddings During the Holiday Season

Should you have your wedding during the holiday season? That seems to be the million dollar question that nobody can answer truthfully. Taking advantage of the extra vacation day may seem attractive at first, but there is much more to it than just that. As we are approaching a major holiday season around I thought it would be best to weigh out the Pros & Cons of hosting a holiday weekend wedding. 

Pros of having your wedding during the holiday season:

Apart from the major pro I mention above; Extra day holiday, hosting your wedding during the holiday season also means you can maximise your time with your nearest and dearest, especially if they have to travel to your location. It is also perfect for hosting a full weekend full of festivities, it is most likely that there may be certain activities during that time of the year because of the holidays, which you can take to your full advantage by adding them into your wedding weekend agenda. Have you ever heard the term ‘hitting two birds with one stone’? well yes that’s pretty much what you will be doing, combining priceless memories with the double celebrations. 

Another perk would be the decorations, being able to theme your wedding around the holiday season just gave you one less thing to worry about, that’s if you follow the theme. Whether that being the 4th of July firework display, or christmas day twinkling lights and eggnog, the possibilities are endless. 

If you do plan on hosting your wedding during the holidays our key tip would be to give your guests plenty of notice by sending out save the date cards, check that your vendors are available that weekend, as well as your venue and any other activities in the area that may disrupt your special day. 

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Cons of having your wedding during the holiday season:

Apart from the fact that it is a lot easier to coordinate, it is also cheaper on the budget. Usually couples who choose to wed during the holidays end up paying near double the amount to vendors and suppliers, and lose out on discounts and bargains. Holiday season also usually means ‘Family Time’, which is also a downfall when it comes to your guest list, some of your guests may not be able to attend because of family commitments, and if you are having an adult only party it may be impossible to find a sitter during that time of the year. Religious holidays are particularly tricky since people tend to prioritize traditions and obligations.

Another point to consider would be our anniversary, do you really want to celebrate your anniversary during the holidays every year? I personally thing anniversaries should be special and unique, having it fall during the holiday season makes it more shared than intimate. 

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Weddings are fabulous whatever you decide to do, that being said you should always remember that this day is about both of you as a couple making a major commitment to one another, rather than concern yourself with nitty little details that won’t matter after the night is over. 







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