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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing, and it’s time to get your closet in order. The golden question of the hour is ‘What to Wear to a Summer Wedding?’ I think for us ladies this is a particularly difficult question to answer, it’s almost as if we have nothing to wear even though we have a closet full of clothes. Summer weddings are slightly a bit confusing, we need to find a balance between a full on floral dress, and a black-tie worthy gown. Not to worry ladies, I have scouted the runways, from beach weddings to black-tie here are some beautiful high street brand dresses that are guaranteed to turn head this season.

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Beach Weddings

Beach weddings usually have a more relaxed environment, think maxi dresses, light materials, and wedges if flats are not your thing. That being said, as a guest you still need to look wedding appropriate opt for breathable fabrics and longer hemlines. Bright colours and floral prints are our favourite choice for tropical settings. 

Casual Wedding

Before deciding on an outfit, phone a relative of the bride to confirm that the event is casual. Remember wedding guest casual is different from everyday casual, think more on the lines of garden weddings, or vineyards. It’s important to look polished, we recommend dresses with a structured silhouette, less pattern and prints, more simple and relaxed. 

Cocktail Wedding Reception 

With a semi-casual event such as a cocktail wedding receptions don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, and styles. We recommend a mid-length dress, add the wow factor  with an illusion neckline. 

Semi-Formal Wedding 

The most confusing weddings of them all, as there is a thin line between semi-formal and formal dresses,  something as simple as an accessory can change your overall look taking you into the formal level. Nevertheless as a guest you don’t want to over do it, for such an occasion we recommend short to mid-length dresses adding that sophisticated flair with luxurious fabrics, or patterns. 

Black-tie Weddings 

Go big or go home! but just don’t go Gatsby, that being said we strongly advise to avoid the heavy beaded dresses, as the hot summer temperatures will soon take its toll. Choose flowing fabrics (Chiffon, and Silk) for a full length ball gown. Please try to avoid wearing black, its summer, get colourful experiment with coral and fuchsia tones, it’s the only time of the year that you actually can. 

These gorgeous dresses can be found using the links below. 

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