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Winter Wedding Inspiration


Hello readers, 

Winter is coming! In the UK however, it feels like it has been winter for sometime now. I do admit as much as I love the Summer season, I really do look forward to Winter, sitting by the cosey fireplace, the warm hot coco, winter fashion, and of course the festive decorations. Today’s post will include inspiration for those brides who are bracing the cold temperatures, and hosting a winter wedding. 

Just because you are having a winter wedding, does not mean you must stick to the seasons colour chart, such as whites, greens, and reds. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, Why not choose bold, bright colors and create a tropical wonderland of mango oranges, Key lime greens, or pineapple yellows? It sounds counterintuitive, but it can actually create a fun, unexpected setting for your guests.

There is a fine line between festive christmas theme, and a winter wedding, below are some inspirational ideas to help you plan your winter wedding in style:

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